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Robotina will integrate the innovative solutions of the consortium partners from the MODEL+ project into a unified smart system

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In addition to thoughtful structural design, smart systems are crucial for the optimal energy efficiency of buildings. During a working visit to Robotina d.o.o. in Kozina, the partners of the project consortium MODEL+ and the project coordinator TECES explored the latest solutions for smart energy management in modular buildings.

Robotina will develop a smart system for the energy efficiency of modular buildings and establish a digital twin as part of the MODEL+ pilot-demonstration project. With the presentation of their programme and vision, we confirmed that the project solution for smart management will be of the highest quality.

Smart Solution for Energy Efficiency

Modern systems allow the monitoring of numerous external and internal building conditions. Complex data management solutions are required to process this multitude of data. With thirty years of experience in automation, Robotina d.o.o. will develop a customised smart energy management solution for a modular building within the MODEL+ project. By integrating innovative solutions from consortium partners REM d.o.o., DANFOSS TRATA d.o.o., KRONOTERM d.o.o., and PIKTRONIK d.o.o., Robotina d.o.o. will unify these into a smart system and establish a central smart twin in MODEL+.

The smart system solution will enable continuous monitoring of the energy system and adjustments according to the building's needs. This will ensure optimal energy source consumption with minimal losses. Besides monitoring, the smart system will also adjust the systems to achieve the best efficiency.

What Will the Digital Twin Enable?

The digital twin is a virtual model of a proposed physical product, system, or process in the real world. The digital twin established in the MODEL+ project will be a powerful tool for remote monitoring and maintenance. Additionally, it will allow complex simulations and testing. The building systems will be monitored and controlled centrally through the digital twin. The establishment of the digital twin will increase the efficiency, safety, flexibility, and reliability of the entire building's operation.

For more about the MODEL+ project, READ HERE.

Additional Information

dr. Marja JERIČ – TECES .:.  +386 2 333 13 56 .:.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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