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The consortium of the MODEL+ project visited the production facilities of the partner DANFOSS TRATA

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At the headquarters of DANFOSS TRATA d.o.o. in Ljubljana, the partners of the project consortium MODEL+ and the project coordinator TECES met on April 10, 2024, for their regular monthly technical meeting and Project Council meeting. Representatives of partner DANFOSS TRATA d.o.o. presented their company and production, which encompasses the entire process from product development to delivery to end customers. We saw that DANFOSS TRATA d.o.o. pays a lot of attention to digitalisation of extremely efficient production processes, ensuring high quality and short load times from order to delivery.

Artificial intelligence in the field of heating and cooling systems

Project MODEL+ partners meeting was hosted by the project partner DANFOSS TRATA d.o.o., which in the project coordinates the development and implementation activities of the heating and cooling system with smart drives and artificial intelligence.

Participants of the event, representatives of partners and coordinators of TECES, agreed that the MODEL+ project is one of the key projects of Slovenian partners in the development of technologies and the latest solutions, strategically positioned within the national program Smart Energy Efficient and Energy Independent Dual-Use Base.

Within the MODEL+ project, partners are developing complementary solutions that will create a better future for the green and digital transition, both in the civilian and defense sectors. This strategy is in line with the vision of DANFOSS TRATA d.o.o. to develop solutions that enable the world to create a better future. DANFOSS TRATA d.o.o. puts a lot of effort into digitalization, automation, and efficiency of production processes, with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality for all companies under the umbrella of the entire DANFOSS society by 2030.

Coordination, testing, and simulation.

At the technical part of the meeting, partners coordinated technical aspects of the development, testing, and simulation of functionalities of various components and prototypes of the modular object and structure, including heating and cooling, artificial intelligence, thermal energy systems, electrical energy storage, and central control, as well as connections between individual systems.

5 partners and coordinator TECES.

The MODEL+ project involves five partners, top Slovenian companies REM d.o.o. (lead partner), DANFOSS TRATA d.o.o.KRONOTERM d.o.o.PIKTRONIK d.o.o., and ROBOTINA d.o.o. Representatives of partners are proactively focused on seeking and proposing concrete solutions, novelties, and improvements for the best possible final result: validated operation of the comprehensive system of the modular object with all integrated, newly developed components.

TECES, as the project coordinator, pays a lot of attention to regular coordination meetings and ensures communication between partners. In this way, the project follows the set objectives and progresses according to the schedule.

More info:

Dr. Marja JERIČ – TECES .:. +386 2 333 13 56 .:. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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