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The HibroM project has entered the prototype development phase

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At the end of 2023, HibroM R&D project entered the phase of development and prototyping of a hybrid mobile micro network of temporary bases. Within this phase, the consortium partners intensively assess appropriate technical solutions and coordinate the integration of all components and assemblies for a reliable unified system.

In February 2024, the project partners and representatives of the client SI MoD met in person once again. The purpose of the meeting was to review the preliminary technical design of the HibroM project.

HibroM the preliminary technical design presentation

At the meeting in February 2024, the consortium partners presented the proposed technical solution and obtained feedback from the client with the aim of adjusting the system. In this way, it will serve its purpose as efficiently as possible.

We are glad that representatives of system end users and the broader SI MoD team - Sector for Energy Efficience and Green Transition at The Slovenian Ministry of Defence - attended the event. They showed great interest in the solution under development and were engaged constructively in the discussion - both with questions and proposals. SI MoD is a competent and proactive interlocutor who provides exceptional added value to the project for the best end user experience and quality of the end product.

TECES, the leading partner in the project, prepared an introductory overview of the project's key time and content related indicators. In the project, TECES has the role of project management, partner communication, promotion and strategic direction of the project, both nationally and internationally. In the continuation of the meeting, the partners of the development consortium presented the preliminary design of individual sections and an overview of the planned integration of all sections into the whole. The development of the hybrid generator was presented by STUBELJ d.o.o., the development of the battery assembly by TAB d.d., the development of the smart stand-alone distribution box, the smart network and the integration of the entire system was presented by ROBOTINA d.o.o.. Known subcontractors in the HibroM project that participate in the development are: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (University of Ljubljana), Faculty of Electrical Engineering (University of Ljubljana), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics (University of Maribor), TPV prikolice d.o.o. and Smartis d.o.o.

Great potential of the developed solution

At the event, representatives of the client from the Department for Energy Efficiency and Green Transition (SI MoD) emphasized the importance of the project for increasing the technological capacity of the defence system of the Republic of Slovenia. SI MoD has a great interest and need to modernize the energy system of deployable camps, therefore partners can anticipate orders and regular production of successfully developed solution. The consortium partners can also expect to enter foreign markets and furthermore, to obtain superb reference for future cooperation in innovative development projects.

In the project, we pay a lot of attention to coordination with the standards of the European defense sector. As a result, access to the global market will also be opened for manufacturers with the developed solution. In order to maximize independence and strengthen European industry, the selection of components in the project takes place preferentially with products originating from the European Union.

The newly developed HibroM solution will offer advanced smart communication with automatic adjustment of settings for optimal operation of the entire system. For end users of deployable capms, the solution will bring simpler management of the energy system, easy installation in the field, lesser need to supply fossil fuels and reduction of noise emissions. Also, with the newly developed system, energy management will be integrated. A connected and unified and centrally intelligently managed system will replace several existing separate energy systems. In this way, the efficiency of the system will be increased, energy losses and the environmental footprint will be reduced.

HibroM as an new project ideas incubator

Live meetings often turn out to be extremely important for partner networking and as a source of new ideas. Since ideas often go beyond the scope of the project, we are pleased that they oftern turn into new project ideas.

The february live meeting of the HibroM project partners and the client shows exaclty that. The users of the system pointed out possible upgrades, which we will develop into new breakthrough projects with our joint strength and continue to strengthen the Slovenian innovative sphere.

The HibroM project is part of the Slovenian Smart Energy Efficient Camps – SmartEEC (PamPIK) strategic program. The leading partner of the project is TECES with the support of SI MoD under the auspices of the SiEnE partnership.

Additional Information

Dr. Marja JERIČ .:.  +386 2 333 13 56 .:.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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