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SiEnE's Steering Committee is the overarching governing, coordinating and steering body of the partnership.

It comprises two coordinators:
• defence coordinator, Si MoD’s appointed representative, who represents the interests of the Republic of Slovenia and Si MoD in the field in question,
• civil coordinator, who represents the interests of civil stakeholders.


matejgajzerMatej Gajzer, M.Sc.E.E.

Managing director TECES
SRIP Smart Buildings
SiEnE's President of the Steering Committee

Matej Gajzer manages the innovative cluster TECES, that is officially recognized as a holder of various Slovenian strategic development partnerships and projects mainly dealing with green technologies and energy-efficient solutions and was established in 2001 under the full responsibility of its current managing director.

He is very well acquainted of products, R&D and production capabilities of Slovenian companies and research organizations in the field of electrical and electronics industry, as well as in energetics and energy-efficient solutions. In addition, he is an expert in industry clusters and other innovation associations which are based on integrated support, networking and strategic cooperation between partners.

His particular focus is on creating new business opportunities through the joint development of products and strengthening of value chains empowered by establishing new business links with international collaboration partners.

In 2017 he spearheaded the establishment of the Strategic Development and Innovation Partnership named Smart Building and Home as one of the key players in the formulation of the Slovenia's Strategy of Smart Specialization. In 2020, he took the leading role in the formal constitution of the Slovenian Energy and Environment Partnership in Defence – SiEnE. Si MoD appointed him as a national CapTech non-governmental expert (SI CnGE) in the Energy and Environment Working group of EDA.



robertsipecColonel Robert Šipec

Head of Armament Division at Si MoD
Deputy National Armament Director
SiEnE's Vice President of the Steering Committee

Colonel Robert Šipec joined the Slovenian Armed Forces in 1992, where he performed tasks at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. In 2004 he gained his master's degree at the U.S. Air Command and Staff College. His career positions include the leadership of the Logistic sector at the SAF Force Command, the Armament Sector and the Logistic Sector in the SAF General Staff.

His international military experience includes participation in NATO working groups and participation in the NATO operations KFOR and ISAF. Since 1994, he has been involved in the development and equipping programs of the SAF, where he led numerous acquisition projects. Moreover, he was involved in the planning and monitoring part of the defence-oriented research and development project, particularly in the domain of unmanned systems and hydrogen technologies.

As the Leader of Slovenian Delegation, he actively participated in the EU Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in Defence and Security sector, where he overtook the moderator position in one of the working groups, responsible for new technologies.

Under the research and development pillars of EDA he acted as a national expert in the domain of CapTech Ground Army. Today his role in EDA is to be the national expert in the Energy and Environment Working Group. He leads and directs several projects at Si MoD in the field of energy efficiency and implementation of renewable and hydrogen technologies.

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SiEnE - Slovenian Energy and Environment Partnership in Defence

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